Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 25, 2005

To the end of my twenties

So this is the last year of my twenties. Looking back at the person I was during my first year of my twenties, part of me wants to give that girl a hug and another part really wants to smack her around a bit, tell her to chill out. I’m sure that if 20-year-old me saw me now she’d be impressed as hell at all I’ve done. How I’ve gotten my act together and found out that being the person you’ve always wanted to be is as easy as being yourself.

I took the 23rd off to do a little celebrating on my own, most of it facilitated by the incredible lemon/raspberry loaf that Jenn made me. I hit the spa and got some much needed grooming and my favourite thing ever; a hand massage. If I had one of those a week I’m sure I’d be a much nicer person.

Then I got to spend a good hour getting my makeup done by a makeup artist from London. I sometimes wonder if makeup artists like working on me, since I’m always asking them questions. It was very fun to see myself in very glam makeup and almost a shame that I wasn’t going out clubbing that night. I was so overdone for the mall. At the same time, opportunities to look like that come up so rarely in my life. I might as well rock it when I’ve got them.

I’m not entirely sure what today will entail. I’m looking forward to spending the evening with my friends and sharing a lot of laughs with M.

As much as I’ve groused about getting older in recent months, it’s really not as bad as I’d thought it would be. Of course I say that turning 29, who knows what kind of irrational age-obsessed beast I’ll become this time next year. Regardless, happy birthday to me.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai




  1. Happy Birthday to ya’!

    Your day sounded wonderful. More power to you and never forget to treat yourself like that…even if you don’t have time to do it everyday…for your birthday it should become a personal tradition. Time is truly a funny thing. I remember my feelings at 29 and what my initial plans were for the decade to come… little did I know the trials and tribulations…the challenges and the ultimate growth and awareness of self, spirituality and appreciation of the corporeal being that I am … would ensue. Not sure if that sentence qualifies as an actual sentence but…what I’m trying to say is that life really is just a fascinating journey and an opportunity to “experience” this time that has been given to you on this planet. Go for it, rock it, enjoy it and learn from it all.

  2. happy birthday 🙂

  3. odd that I stumbled across your web page on your birthday, anyway have a good birthday.

  4. Happy birthday, Chel. I’m following shortly.

    Take care of your beautiful self, and have a wonderful, wonderful day.

    You deserve it. You’re one of the coolest people I know.

    Have an awesome afternoon and evening… even this weather seems to be celebrating your special day!

  5. Happy Birthday dollface!

  6. You should know that the woman you were in your early 20’s made was one of the warmest, most vibrant I have ever known. I think of you often. Happy Birthday.

  7. Not to be anticlimactic, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 29 rocks.

  8. I am glad you liked the loaf. Anything to make you special day a little more special! Jenn

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