Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 15, 2005

MAC: Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour

I didn’t buy this product, but I’m mentioning it because I tried it on at the MAC counter last night and then practically had to sand my lips down to get it to come off. Some might see this as a good thing. Those who like lipstick and like it to last until after judgement day might be pleased by it. Me? I was freaking right out.

Service at the MAC counter last night was pitiful. There were two makeup artists working; one was giving someone a makeover and the other was busy being a waste of skin. As such, shoppers were basically left to their own devices when looking for products. The Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour caught my eye, as the idea of not having to reapply lip gloss 5 times a say was pretty enticing. The staff pretty much left me to my own devices when trying on this stuff, which I’m fine with, but what would have been really good to know would be that you need Cleanse Off Oil to actually remove this stuff. While I did like the colour (Go Vin Go) I got so annoyed at the lack of service that I went back to the Benefit counter and spent my money there instead (and I will be reveiwing that product after a little more testing).

I got home and tried to take the stuff off my lips and had NO luck. See I didn’t know until I’d consulted the Interweb today that I learned that need an oil-based make-up remover to get it off. I have one, but it just didn’t come to mind as I was freaking out. I tried waterbased, I tried rubbing alcohol (OWWWW! DUMB ME), I tried towels… it wasn’t until I’d basically promised my first born child to lucifer that I got the infernal stuff off my lips.

(As I side note, if any on is looking for a really ghetto way to plump up their lips, rubbing alcohol and a rough towel do a pretty decent job. You get a good 3 hours of swollen lips out of it. NOTE: I’m KIDDING!)

The moral of this story: I should never deviate from lip gloss. Ever.



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