Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 9, 2005

I can’t forsake the Dixie dead shake

I bought Up To Here on itunes today for a couple of reasons. Even though I’m one of the few Kingstonians out there that doesn’t like The Tragically Hip, I’ve always enjoyed Up To Here. It’s their good album, the rest I can do without.

I’ve been really nostalgic for Kingston these past few weeks. Something about disasters always make me think about my home town and how I would feel if, well, anything happened there. I think about that and I feel the need to be near the lake, feel the wind ripping across my face and through my hair, have some poutine from Bubbas and listen to Boots or Hearts.

Finally, I’ve had New Orleans is Sinking in my head for full on 10 days now and hearing a song is the only way to purge it from the brain. I can’t do a damn thing about the horrific situation down there, not even formulate cogent thoughts or statements on it. Not a one. Maybe just disconnected words.

It is during the darkest times that the true writers show their colours. They have the skill to express the thoughts and feelings that most people can only experience at a visceral level. They bring clarity to the madness, while people like me can only sit baffled by it.




  1. The fact that our neighbourhood is full of frosh is doing wonders for me in the Kingston nostalgia department.

  2. welll hiiii there

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