Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 26, 2005

What is going on!!!

I admit that I’m completely out of my Internet depth here, but I have a problem and it’s awfully annoying. It seems that M and I cannot access the server that hosts his e-mail and our blogs… from home. We can access them just fine at our respective work places (not that we’d ever read blogs at work *innocent smile*), but at home, it’s just not possible. I’d tried to call up my blog in every browser I have, access it via FTP and smoke signal. I even considered writing it a song to get it to open back up to me. No success.

I understand the idea of a server being down, but I’ve been on IM with people and they can access my blog, but I can’t. I haven’t set up anything that would prevent specific IPs from accessing my blog. I don’t even know if that can be done and if it could and I could, the last IP I would block would be my OWN! And I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT ANYWAY!!! Did Bell switch something up? Did the ISP switch something up? I don’t know and I don’t understand. I know so little.

I miss my blog…

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Connection” by Elastica


Edit: So it seems that I can publish to my blog via blogger… just can’t look at it at all. WTF!!!!!



  1. There’s likely a temporary routing problem between Bell HSE and Velcom, the ISP that runs and I doubt that ONLY Velcom is affected, of course, but that’s hardly the issue.

    Chill, it’ll probably be fixed soon. You could call Bell to bitch, but chances are that the person on the other end of the line either wouldn’t understand what you’re asking, or would tell you that it’s a known issue and they’re working on it.

    I logged into using telnet and ran a traceroute to, and got a whole slew of timeouts – could be port blocking, but could also indicate a dead router.

  2. Chill, I will. At least now I have some idea of what’s going on. And as we all learned in our youth, knowing is half the battle.

    Thank you, as always, for making my world a whole lot less loco.

  3. My internet sucks beans, and there are a whole string of websites that frequently cannot be accessed, even if I sacrifice small animals to them, not that I necessarily have. Two of these websites are your blogs.

    Sometimes they work, but other times my internet refuses to cough ’em up.

    Hope the problem clears itself up for you. If you figure out how to fix it, let me know!

  4. A couple of times when I was at home when I typed in your URL or accessed your site from the bookmark it wouldn’t come it. The only way I got your site to come up was when I googled it..I have no idea if that is even related though. I am also with sympatico. JennO

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