Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 17, 2005

Frederick Fekkai: Glossing Cream

I recently ran out of conditioner. Tragic I know. Money was tight and conditioner isn’t really something I feel good about skimping on, kind of like foundation, brushes or good pants. Since I wasn’t able to afford my usual tub of Terax Crema I picked up a sample of Frederick Fekkai’s Glossing Cream. Those little impulse bins a Sephora can be handy.

The glossing cream is a leave-in conditioner, something I’ve dabbled in in the past, but haven’t always had the best experience with it. This one impressed me. It gave my hair the right balance of weight and volume, my ends seem to be happy and I keep getting compliments on how much shine my hair has.

My only concern is the concern I have will all leave-ins. Is it enough conditioning to be the only conditioner I need? I don’t know. My fear of spilt ends will definitely have me back at the salon purchasing my tub of Italian made hair lard for weekly deep conditioning treatments, but day to day I have to say I enjoy the ease of use and results of this leave in. It’s always good to have options it seems.


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