Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 6, 2005

Adding insult to injury

I’m at work on possibly the most beautiful Saturday this year and almost every radio station I tune into to fill the emptiness of the office is playing the same song; Love Shack by the B52’s. I fucking HATE that song.


Update: from an IM conversation. The hits just keep on coming.

Christopher: How can you not like Love Shack?
Chel: So annoying.
Christopher: So you.
Chel: You think Love Shack is a fitting song for me?
Christopher: It’s you all over.
Chel: I am appalled.
Chel: If I would summon up all the hate I have in the world and use it for one purpose, it would be to obliterate Love Shack off the face of the planet.
Christopher: Come on
Christopher: And bring your jukebox money
Christopher: I know what you are getting for your birthday now — me singing Love Shack as Jar Jar.
Chel: … 😦

Just stop and imagine that for a second. Jar Jar Binks singing Love Shack. There will be a mad rush to see who is lucky enough to kill themselves first.

Update 2: Shopping at Club Monaco this afternoon, scoring some great outfits under the guidance of the wonderful Isis. Purchase made, almost out the door and Love Shack comes on. Seriously, what’s going on here!



  1. What’s going on? I think it’s pretty simple to tell. You see, there’s this little old place where we can get together. It’s called the Love Shack, baby. It’s got a tiiiiiiiiiiin roof (rusted), and one gets there in a Chrysler that’s about as big as a whale (note: it’s seats about 20!). Last tip: there’s no CD player, so be sure to bring your jukebox money.

  2. Mike, you are a cruel, sadistic bastard.

    …but funny.

  3. I can back you up here, Chel. It’s always been my opinion that the Love Shack is a little old place that can go to Hell.

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