Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 3, 2005

Number one

At least for today.

I’ve been very deliberate about NEVER doing two things on my blog. Never naming my place of work (and if possible never mentioning anything relating to work) and never actually using my last name. This second rule has had it’s challenges as my last name is an adjective (amongst other things). Google has become quite the tool for digging up dirt and given the personal and often unfettered nature of my blog I thought it wise to just be Her Highnessness or Chelsea. Pseudonyms exist for a reason my friends.

Every once in awhile I type my name into google and snicker at all the madness that comes up. Given the combination of having a first name that is several geographic locations and a last name that is commonly used to describe people living a kind of lifestyle (in one of those very places no less) actually finding me through google was kind of hard. As my name was used on press releases and on the Web site at work, I slowly started to supplant the record labels, community groups and what not that had previously dominated the search.

I knew that one day I would assume my proper place at the top of the google search for my name, but I didn’t think it would be today. I was looking for myself on google news as there was a chance of me being quoted in the media (thankfully no). I switched back to the regular google search, my name still in the search field and blam! The first hit is me. My blog. Doh! Definitely a setback in the separation of personal and professional.

Now this makes no sense to me. My full name is nowhere in my blogger/google/gmail/flickr profiles, so I have no idea of how the engine made the connection between my blog and my full name. I have never even used the word that is the same as my last name and have deleted any and all comments that do. Now this will all change with time of course as google results often do. I’m just puzzled as to how this happened.

I also kind of feel badly for people who are not looking for me, but in fact looking for things relating to that particular lifestyle in that particular place. I can tell these searchers now that I don’t think I have any information about what you’re looking for, but I hear the shopping is fantastic.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Who am I” by Snoop Dogg




  1. Silly rabbit! Don’t you know anonymity is fleeting? (He said, posting anonymously…) One of my saddest days at work was the day I discovered that one of the company’s VPs not only knew my name but could put it together with my face. D’oh. There goes my safety and security against reprisals. 😉


    ps I found some people who linked to your blog using your full name, thus associating the name with the URL. I’d post an example, but that would out you.

  2. Al speaks the truth — I had an anonymous blog for all of three days before someone went and linked to me using my full name.

    Track them down and hound them relentlessly to change it, is my advice. But even then, Google may remember for a while…

  3. Yes indeed… But I know these people have had my full name up for a least a year this way. I wonder why now? Ahh well, thanks guys.

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