Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 3, 2005

Chanel: Ombre d’eau

I’m a sucker for novelty and things that mix together. I’m sure that mixing eyeshadow and water isn’t the most amazing thing ever, but this formulation and the effect it creates on the lids has me coming back to make repeat purchases.

There are two ways to apply this shadow. One is to lightly apply it to the lid using your finger, making everything just shimmer. The other is to apply it directly and intensely. Once it dries, it will hold that glass-like look all day, though the second look is really best meant for nighttime or clubtime.

To capitalize on the whole pink lidded MOD things going on now I purchased Fountain, a baby pink colour that meshes beautifully with dark eyeliner. If only I had the energy to backcomb my hair each day to really perfect the look. A purchase of Ombre d’eau in sand has made the natural look in the morning extra easy. Light, neutral but pretty. It’s also very easy to use with a huge payoff. If only all makeup was this perfect.


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