Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 2, 2005

Just a little too grumpy

One of my friends thinks I’m such a grump that I’ve turned into an Ogre. Chrek he calls me. Lovely. Another one told me I need to read The Fountainhead again. The best thing a friend did for me today was leave a card with a snorkelling kitty on the cover and a Sephora Gift certificate on my desk. Just the right balance of “suck it up already” and spoiling. Attitude adjustment needed. Time to get my behind out of this mood. Message recieved.

Thank you.




  1. The Fountainhead is NOT a cure for feeling grumpy. That way lies the dark side.

  2. For me, it and Atlas have restorative powers.

  3. speaking of the dark side, you absolutely must check this out:

    I’ve linked it on my blog too

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