Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 2, 2005

Benefit: Glamazon & Jewels

There’s a reason why people falling in love look so beautiful. It’s the flush in their cheeks. People have known this, well, forever it seems. Which is why women have been slathering their cheeks in berries and other such things for centuries.

Aren’t we lucky to live in the time that we do. A time where we can use blushes of varying kinds and consistencies. Liquid, powder, cream, matte, iridescent, bronzers, highlighters… oooh the variety.

A little while back, Benefit released it’s Glamazon collection. The name alone was enough to compel me to pick some up, being the glamazon that I am. The main product, Glamazon is a liquid bronzer and you apply like you’re drawing cat whiskers on your cheek and then blend, blend and blend some more. The effect is a nice glow. Not a lot of colour, but something I find perfect for a weekend natural look.

If colour is more your thing and you enjoy a splash of colour on your cheeks and lips, like it’s predecessor Benetint, the Glamazon Jewels are great. I picked up Your place or vine, and while the texture left a lot of be desire on the lips, the results on the cheeks were great. I got this at a time when I was just starting to let go of my pink toned security blanket and see what this whole coral thing was all about. In the bottle it had me terrified, but once it was on, it was a megawatt glow. Who wouldn’t be sold.


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