Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 1, 2005


So I’m learning how to golf. M went to a off-site work day where he got to play golf for the first time and he found it really fun. My Nana was a very good golfer for her time. Not LPGA or anything, but she did have a fair stash of trophies from her days. Hoping that golf skill is in my genes, my father took M and me out to one of the local driving ranges when we were in Kingston for the long weekend.

I think it could have been worse.

I couldn’t manage to get contact with the ball when I first tried swinging, but by the end of the weekend, I was lofting a couple up there with promise. M was much, much better that I was (I really have to wonder why I keep getting into sports that he’s better at like Tennis and Golf. I should really make a mental note to kick his tail at basketball or swimming more often. You know, to keep things balanced). I need to take some lessons and learn how to do it all right, but already I find the sport really interesting. I like that you can really play it at any age, that it can be social or solitary and that a lot of it is in your head. The swing seemed inherently relaxing, if that makes any sense.

My father was kind enough to give M and I a set of my parent’s old clubs to get started with. So maybe after some lessons and a lot of time at the putting green and driving range, we’ll get out on the course (then maybe a tour of Scottish golf courses and whisky distelleries, or one of those golf/spa weekends at The Briars). Part of me thinks that we become interested in this sport to indulge in our shared and repressed affection for argyle.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Disconnect The Dots” by Of Montreal




  1. There’s apparently a very good “Learn to Golf” course offered by one of the community colleges. Tax deductible, even! I know that Dawn was thinking of taking it as a professional development activity.

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