Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 30, 2005

Lancome: Hypnose

I decided the other day to expand my collection of mascaras. It wasn’t a hard decision my any means, kind of like asking a junkie if they’d like a couple hits for free. Um Yes!

I wandered around looking for something that showed promise. I nearly opted for some of the Christian Dior Showtime line, but all that was left was Navy. A keen idea if you have blue eyes, but do I? No. So it was back to try more of the Lancome line of mascaras. Flextencils impressed me greatly, some years ago as I made the important shift from Maybellene to premium, even though my lashes are Naturally curly. This time I went for volume and I opted to make it extra challenging by buying it in Brown.

Challenge met. Hypnose is my new option for daytime. Thick lashes, but because it’s brown it looks deceptively natural. Mwa ha ha.

Good makeup should always incite an evil laugh.


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