Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 29, 2005

Look who’s back

More Team Laser Explosion! Designers may enjoy the logo bit.

And the piepod may be the next big thing. It really is hard looking likie a cool dancer with no limbs.




  1. I first encountered Weebl and Bob on MTV Europe in Norway, of all places. But for some reason, it was called Wobbl and Bob. As in “Wobbl and Bob are looking for some pie-based action.” Why is it called two different things?


  2. We also discovered them on MTV Europe while living in Prague. Apparently Wobbl and Bob was the original title, but Wobbl was too close in look and name to some toy called Wobbles (I think) and had to be changed for North America. I guess the toy doesn’t exist in Europe.

    — Matej

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