Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 27, 2005

Chanel: Purifying and Age Delaying Skin Care

Mum and I were shopping awhile back for some of her makeup at the Chanel counter. It brings me such joy to share my love of makeup with my mother. Anyway, while we were there and I was getting some very shiny lip gloss, the sales lady introduced me to some of the Chanel skin care line.

The first thing they did was correct some of my misconceptions about their lines. I used to believe that companies like Chanel and Estee Lauder were for older women and hence only had products for older skin. Out came the testers and I learned first hand about the System Purete Deep-Cleansing Foam and Oil Controlling Lotion. I use the cleanser in the evenings to take all the evil of the day off with some exfoliation (I use Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin in the mornings)and the lotion on mornings when oil control throughout the day looks like it’s going to be a challenge. The cleanser was a little abrasive at first, but once my face adjusted, the results have been wonderful.

Another thing Chanel seems to be big into is Age Delay. Moisturizers and nightcreams that are said to help postpone the signs of aging a little further. There are two sides to this debate. Some say never start using anti-aging creams because then you’ll always have to use them. Others suggest that the moment it occurs to you that you might actually turn 30, you should be face first in a vat of night cream.

The jury is still out for me. I’m still dealing with the skin challenges of youth (cursed acne), so the issue of wrinkles doesn’t torment me too much (save lines around the eyes. Why oh why!). Taking care of your skin and making sure your daily moisturizer has sun protection in it should do for now. That is, unless we’re talking about the eyes. Eye cream is a must.

As such I’ve been trying the Chanel Age Dealy Eye Rejuvenation Serum. I can’t honestly say if it’s been making a huge difference right now. I’ve been putting so mnay concoctions on my eyes of late the scientific method went out the window a month ago. Between that and the Darfin serum, things appear to be improving… at least until the next allergy attack.

Anyway, the moral of the story. Never assume that a company is only good at one age group. Shop around and see. You never know what you might find.


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