Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 22, 2005

Benefit: Lyin’ Eyes

The end of Emperor Eyes?

I recently picked up this product, in the hope that it would help conceal the horrible, red under-eye circles I get when my allergies act up. Redness leads to itching, itching leads to scratching and scratching leads to suffering. Suffering in the name of dry, peeling skin. Ew. Dry eyes is a new thing for me, so the cream concealer I usually use was just making the problem worse.

Enter Lyin’ Eyes. They claim it’s intended to cover up a multitude of sins from the night before, which is good, but at the same time makes me feel a little lame as the only sinning I tend to do is rub my eyes. Lame. Anyway, the coverage isn’t as opaque as my MAC Cream Concealer, but the semi-liquid consistency has an bit of a soothing effect on the under-eye area. All in all, it makes for a decent alternative on dry eyed days.

Allergy season can end any day now.


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