Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 19, 2005

Why don’t I drink more?

Had a bad day yesterday. I think if you’d looked at me and squinted, you know, so you can see that little bit beyond reality that you could only see clearly when you were seven, you could see a little black cloud, steadily raining on me all day. I have this little problem where I don’t have enough compartments in my life. Everything is just kind of heaped into one being. So when something goes wrong in one part of my life, it’s pretty much all wrong, and all bad, everywhere.

I’m not having a dramatically better day today, but I was bolstered yesterday by the thoughtfulness of my friends. Sometimes a phone call, e-mail or an SMS gets me to lift my head out of the pit of despair just long enough to get some perspective. So thank you guys for that. I may be feeling blue about many things, but my choice in loved ones has me feeling redeemed about my decision making processes for sure.

I did have some reprieve from the black cloud. I left it waiting at my front door last night and it dared not come in the house or M would have given it a proper trouncing. Instead he only had to get me to laugh and I was able to remember the things that make life wonderful.

The cloud is still around me today, but not directly on me. When I see it coming I give it “the point” and it backs off. I’ve even found that every time I laugh, it gets a little lighter.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Don’t rain on my parade” by Barbara Streisand.




  1. I love you bunches. You’re far and above the hippest chick I know. (And a geek… oh how I love you!)

    Hope your day is better today. 🙂

  2. Have you read the Jedi Academy trilogy? I found volume 3, Champions of the Force, at a used bookstore for 25 cents. Han and Leia have Jedi twins. That oughta cheer you up! Oh, wait, it looks like there was an earlier trilogy in which Luke gives into the Dark Side. That can’t be right…

  3. I have a theory that there is a large dark cloud in amongst all the humidity and heat in toronto and it’s ruining everyone’s mood…If it helps, I’m there with you honey!

  4. Miss Kari, have I read the Jedi Academy Trilogy? Do I know of Jaina, Jacen (born in the excellent trilogy written by Timothy Zahn)and thier younger brother Anakin? Oh yes I do.

    There’s some geekery for you Carly!

  5. ask a stupid question…

  6. I’ve always found that even if I’m having a truly crummy day, if I say to myself “I’m not going to let this get me down,” it works, somewhat, even if only just a little.


    Otherwise, you could always, you know, take up Voodoo.

  7. Hi this Saira, Marie’s friend from scotland. Marie really needs to speak to tania about the wedding but can’t reach her. If you hear from her can you ask her to contact marie asap, as it concerns her bridesmaid dress.
    Thanks very much

  8. Hope by now the black cloud has lifted, at least a bit. Enjoy your vacation, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in August.



  9. 😐

    Was this necessarily the best post to comment on regarding “please pass on a message completely irrelevant to your horrible day”?

    Ah well, from such things we find the best stories. 😉

  10. There is a ‘contact me’ link on the sidebar for such occassions, but bridal emergencies can be serious things it seems.

    I have passed on the message to the best of my ability. I hope everything works out!

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