Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 17, 2005

A slight complication

Sunday was to be work day. I would spend Saturday in the company of friends, see the zoo, sleep in, enjoy my spanking new Mason Pearson hair bush (OH MY GOD it’s amazing), a complete what needed completing on Sunday.

Today arrived and I set about my task. I got a couple of things done and then M wanted to put the final air conditioner in the guest room and did I have a couple of minutes to help him? The humidity had become unbearable and I figured if I was having trouble breathing, it must have been ten times worse for him. So I say yes. Three hours later, we had lift off and a wonderful cooling sensation throughout the house. No more air conditioning behind closed doors. I’ll admit, there was anxiety on my part as I watched the seconds tick by, but I tried to keep all of that inside and help where I could. It did go well. There were complications of course, but no one yelled and no one threw anything around the room. Could it be that we’re maturing?

So that’s done and then I see that the fridge is basically empty. I look at my schedule for the week and I don’t see a time where I’m going to be able to get food into the house. What is it about the week before you go on vacation? So I dash to the store, and in record time have the shopping done. I get home, have a plate of veggies and am about to really get down to it.

And then the power went out.

I kid you not. Apparently the addition of another air conditioning unit and the use of the microwave and the kettle for some noodles being made tripped the breaker for everything in our apartment, save the stove. Again, I tried very hard to be calm. I knew I had lost a good bit of work in the power outage, but freaking out wasn’t going to bring it back any faster. We had to wait for the residents of the basement unit to come home so we could get to the main breaker box. I had decided that I was going to spend that time hoping to die or determining if it was possible to run my computer off the outlet on the stove.

M had a better idea. Let’s play chess. I’ve been wanting to learn this game for some time now, but since it’s a game of much time and concentration, I’ve never really had the time. I guess I’ve always felt that chess was an indulgence. What better time to start then when you’re stuck at home with no power.

I’d like to say that I held my own, but I didn’t. I had no idea what I was doing and just kind of guessed my way through the game. Every time I did something good, I carried it a step too far. I’m going to keep trying this game, but I really believe that I just don’t think the right way for it. I am not a brilliant strategist and I lack patience. And playing chess makes me feel like I’m in the class of intelligence that’s proud if they remember to put pants on in the morning.

Anyway, I lost. It took about 15 to 20 minutes for the loss to occur and M pretty much got me into a position that every which way I looked I was toast. The power was restored mid-game, so I could at least retreat to my office afterwards and feel like an intellectual failure in private. And now I have two or three hours to complete a days worth of work.


Today’s sing-a-long song: “Everything you’ve done wrong” by Sloan



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