Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 26, 2005

Lessons learned

It’s been an educational weekend. Let’s review:

There’s very little in the world that rocks more than two steaks the size of baseballs for 12 dollars
I would be the world’s worst vegetarian. Eating cow, like really, really good cow, is like a spiritual experience. And I have zip, zilch, nada spirituality. I’m not saying that a good steak would make me believe in a higher power, but if there were one, I would take a moment to thank them for creating the cow, fire and the bbq.

Try resting on your rest day
Sunday was supposed to be my loaf around, pig out and be slovenly day. However it also turned out that Sunday was a pretty gorgeous day. If you count running, biking and playing catch as loafing and eating cheese as a grievous diet infraction, then I did well.

Natasha is my new makeup shopping buddy
Doing anything with Natasha is a huge heap of fun, but I’ve recently discovered that makeup shopping with her is a complete and total blast. I can have an awful lot of fun in a Sephora store, but Saturday we tore the place up. Time stood still as we embraced wild colour after wild colour and pondered the merits of buying a makeup brush because it’s practical or because it’s made out of a type of hair that cracks you up. In the end, goat & squirrel lost out to good sense.

No matter how charismatic and persuasive the makeup artist is, don’t buy foundation.
We were astonished at the Pout counter when the makeup artist, clearly desperate to move some product or to give me a tan, relentlessly pushed foundation on me. I know the stuff has its merits (coverage) and its place (formal events, photoshoots, bad face days), but I go out of my way to try and avoid having to wear the stuff. I don’t unleash an arsenal of chemical weapons upon my face every night so that I can slather on a coating of goop each morning. I do it so that I can let my actual skin shine through, rather than fake it. As I get older and older faking it won’t be an option for bad days, but actual necessity, but why push this on me now?

She kept going on and on about the tanned look, even after Tash and I informed her about the pact of pale solidarity between Dawn, Tash and I. Of the three of us, I react best to the sun, but I HATE tan lines and did you happen to catch my earlier rant about not wanting to have to wear foundation and taking care of my face? Avoiding sun damage is all part of that plan.

You can find a good bikini for under 30 dollars
Thank you H&M for your mix and match swimwear and your 30 per cent off sale. Our relationship is going well, very well indeed.

Bring a blanket to the park if you’re planning on lying down
My plan of getting M out for a picnic is coming along nicely. I’m working him up to it in steps. Today’s step was heading to the park to play catch for awhile and maybe fall asleep on the grass. This step would have been executed perfectly had I brought a blanket to nap on and not, in the blanket’s absence, laid down on a red ant hill and a bunch of peanut shells in a tank top.

So itchy.

However the sight of another couple who had come to the park (with a blanket) to play chess and enjoy the summer weather has given the picnic plan further depth in M’s eyes, so I am confident that I will succeed by the end of the summer.

My cat is damn cute

Today’s sing-a-long song: “School’s out” by Alice Cooper




  1. I’m a member of the pale girl club, too. Right, right?
    –Still the whitest person in Thailand.

  2. You part of any club I’m in (save the carnivore club), oh non-biological twin.

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