Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 24, 2005

What losing 30 pounds looks like

This could easily be a Munchies post, but I think it’s momentous enough to get some play on the prime real estate. I’ve lost 30 pounds. No starving, no disordered eating, all healthy and supervised, with exercise. Lots and lots of exercise.

My dietician suggested that I take a photo from the heavy days and a photo from now and compare.

Bye, bye moon face.

And for my mother, the bespectacled me:

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Carbon” by Tori Amos




  1. Not only excellent glasses, but cheekbones!

    seriously impressive.

    Tell Dawn and Mike to get married again just for the joy of the dress fitting.


  2. smile is bigger.

  3. Congratulations dollface! C’est magnifique!

  4. Holy shit! You’re tiny!

    You have always been gorgeous… but you appear to be a TINY gorgeous now. Congratulations on having the stamina and willpower to maintain your healthy regimen. Maybe you can teach me how?

  5. congratulations! When i first came onto you blog, I noticed the flickr pictures at the top of the screen and thought, Man, her face looks thin! (in a pretty way!)

  6. And thank you for telling us in pounds. so i didn’t have to do a conversion.

    Big Hug

  8. Stumbled on your pictures, but couldn’t leave without a random compliment. You looked pretty before, but down-right awesome in the after shot. Congratulations!

  9. Hi. You looked great in both photo. I like the before one better – kinder and more genuine.

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