Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 12, 2005

Looking the part

It’s a new world. A world where everything is in sharp focus. Where, regardless of distance, I can read what needs to be read, see important details and not have to spend wasted seconds guessing what things are.

My vision is decent. I’ve been able to function without glasses for most of my life just fine. Sure I could only read street signs at the very last minute. Sure I had to memorize most of my music in the orchestra because my eyes didn’t adjust for distance fast enough between looking at the music and looking at the conductor (and those damn tiny notes!!!). I came to whole heartedly embrace the soft focus blur that most things had. I yearn for a beautiful world, what better way to have it?

I was getting along just fine, knowing that my eyes aren’t pefect, knowing that I had astigmasism, until one night this spring I was driving home from a friend’s house at night, in the rain and in the eastern end of Toronto (which is the equivalent of an entirely different town that I have no knowledlge of) and I just couldn’t see well enough to feel safe.

That, and the start of another benefit year at work, made me think that it was time to invest in a little security. I picked up my glasses today and have been wearing them on and off all day. I had moments where I couldn’t see much of a change and other moments where I gasped in shock at what I hadn’t been seeing. Going down the street I noted that I could read the signs so much sooner and felt more relaxed in the car than I have in awhile. Walking into the mall and looking down the wings of the mall and being able to see people in the distance as defined people and not people shaped blurs made me laugh out loud like I’d suddenly gotten a joke I’d been told years ago. It’s all very interesting.

I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time and odds are I won’t. When I’m driving, at the movies (mental note: must see Episode III in DLP yet again) or when I need to appear less the cute and comforting PR girl and more the smart and must be taken seriously PR girl (that has less to do with vision and more with perception I admit) I’ll don them.

My only worry is that seeing the world in sharp focus will smother the small, yet sturdy pillar of optism I have for the world. Then again, doing away with the blurry and confused aspects of life wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. We’ll see…

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses” by Frank Sinatra




  1. Great specs – so post a pic with you wearing them ……Mum

  2. Good for you! These glasses are pretty snazzy.

  3. I dreaded having to wear glasses. I was just too vain, but when I finally gave in, my whole world got better. I became more self confident, my social life got better, and I am just happier!

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