Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 10, 2005

How the mighty have fallen

I like to pretend like I’m cool. Like I have good taste, I prefer long-term quality to a flash-in-the-pan. I am a big freak of a faker it seems. Any pretentions of hipster I had going on were all washed away with one purchase today (I know that some would contend that my purchase and subsequent giddy enjoyment of the Grease 2 soundtrack is the greatest fall from grace one could imagine, but I’ve topped that).

Now I admit that there is a healthy sliver of irony in this purchase. I know the show I’m going to see is a silly, cheese-fest. I know I’m going to spend a good lot of the time alternately laughing at the act, the audience and myself. I’m certain that I will be entertained:

Pop-Tarts Presents American Idols Live
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Wednesday July 20, 2005 7:30 pm

I’m not going to out the person who is coming with me to the show. I leave it up to them cop to attending this saccharine variety show from hell. It’s only fair since I called them at 5 p.m. and flatly informed them that we were going together. I can only hope to have the same kind of success when I inform Constantine that he’s coming home with me.

(Kidding, of course, baby)

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Darts of Pleasure” by Franz Ferdinand




  1. Gee. I wonder who else could be Natasha .. err .. I mean, I wonder who else could be going.

  2. I’m shocked to see my name being associated with such a silly event!
    /she slams bedroom door with life- sized Constantine poster on it.

  3. Oh my god, do you seriously have a life sized Constantine poster on your door!?!?!??!?!??!

  4. If so, why haven’t I seen it?!?!

  5. Hee! Hee! You beat me to the punch with that. I really wanted to see Constantine and Bo fling their heroic manes as they entertain… Ah, sweet audiovisual treats!!

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