Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 9, 2005

Taking a flattering photo of your knee is really challenging

Seriously, when you’re photographing your own knee… It’s all bad.

Anyway, I’m in physiotherapy to finally get my knee sorted out. As my physiotherapist said there’s no reason for someone who isn’t still growing to have to deal with patella femoral… Of course then he assessed me and found out that I also have patella alta (translation, knee caps not only slide out of their grooves to the side, the go up too!).

So here is deal. We’re teaching my knee how to go where it’s meant to go, as opposed to where it’s been going for the last 18 years. Ambitious no? Oh and I mislead you all, because instead of knee I mean knees.

Today we started the process by taping up the right knee for three days. It’s the worst of the two by far so we were able to determine that the taping (see below) was having an effect because, for once, the left knee was audibly louder in it’s crackling than the right.

How I’m going to keep this clean for three days I don’t know. Knee gunk… eww. I guess reversing 18 years of damage is going to take more than enduring knee gunk.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Grind” by Alice in Chains




  1. Wear headphones at night.
    Play sounds of walking feet.

    Your knees will fix themselves while you sleep.

    Good Luck!

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