Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 24, 2005

System restored

Tomorrow morning I return to work, ending a wonderful 5-day break. A break that I needed badly. I had gotten to the point where the signs of stress were showing up on my body. Hair falling out in clumps, breakouts a go-go (which were totally NOT aided by the Chanel cleanser and toner I started using. Moral of that story, if your eight-dollar Cetaphil cleanser, your Origins charcoal based mask and your Clinique oil-free moisturizer are doing it for you, don’t switch!), twitching eyes and headaches (the amount of Advil I’ve gone through in the last two months, shameful). Good times all around.

But these five days have done wonders to reverse that.

The last 120 hours have been packed with so much awesomeness, that if it hadn’t turned me around, then there would be no hope. But it has and I’m great. It all started with Episode III on Wednesday night and included shopping (and the discovery of Dawn as an amazing shopping buddy), gardening (photos to come), many walks/runs outside in the park (ahh vitamin D), spring cleaning (some surefire instant gratification), BBQ, a serving of very yummy ice cream, reading and sleeping. Oh so much sleeping.

I feel good. My house is clean, my pantry is full, my closet stocked with clothes that fit me properly (thank you Mum!), my computer free of a very, very vicious bit of spyware (thank you Mike) and my toenails freshly painted. I can handle the world again.

“Phew. For a minute there, I lost myself”

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Karma Police” by Radiohead



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