Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 19, 2005

Turns out that the dark side… really dark

I will write a post about the experience of waiting in line for Episode III for eight hours at a later time. It was kind of fun and kind of exhausting. I’m glad I did it at least once. And I really, really, really want one of those Force FX light sabers. Like really.

There are so many reviews of the movie out there that I’m not going to bother with too much. I think the movie was good. There were the token cheesy/awkward prequel trilogy moments that most fans are going to rail on and that’s fine, we can save those rant sessions for another day. Many questions were answered and many battles fought.

Did I like it? I’m not sure yet. I know that I wasn’t disappointed with it. I think it was good. But I don’t think I was prepared for how dark it was. People keep telling me not to despair too much about the fate of the galaxy as they’ve heard that it all works out in the end.


Update: I was walking downtown today, listening to some of the music from all the episodes of the saga and it hit me. Like Blammo. I was finally able to see past the gruesome elements of the movie that kind of stunned me and see the scope of the whole saga. I could see how it all fit together and how Episode III gives everything else so much depth. I called Mike on my cell exclaiming “I get it now and OH MY GOD!” and he was like “welcome to 12 hours ago.”

Final conclusion. It was awesome.



  1. It rooccccckkkkkkkked! But I’m sad for those babies. I hope they find each other again some day.

  2. Re: Force FX lightsabers

    The product description says “Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.”

    What do they mean, a real lightsaber???


  3. Chelsea, I am glad you finally saw the “light” in the dark dark movie! Thanks for the fun times, and will repeat it again anytime. Jenn O.

  4. I had to stop reading because I’m avoiding all reviews and whatnot. It has been hard but somehow I’m managing to do it. Tomorrow night is the magic time for me. 8:30pm Central Time!!

  5. I think the post was pretty much spoiler free, but come back and give me your $.02 after you’ve seen it.

  6. Episode III is still sinking in for me, Chelsea. I knew all the spoilers for ages and some scenes still kicked my ass.

  7. I felt a mix of emotions because of the closure of the story with this installment joining the others. I felt satisfied (had a few very minor quibbles but none worth mentioning). I have to say that it made me feel the exhiliration of possibilities with good storytelling. I think Hayden was very good in this movie and that it was just a pure and straightforward story of good and evil and those spaces that color someone’s good intentions (and we know where they lead). I’m still formulating words in my head. I have to go back a few more times to soak up those visuals too. Coruscant freakin’ rocks… That space battle above the planet… And, didn’t Anakin ultimately bring the force into balance? Doing so much to save the one you love and then being the instrument of their death… More scattered thoughts to come.

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