Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 16, 2005


The tickets are in my possession…

… and I have planned out my evening. At around 5:30 p.m. I will take my place in line for the midnight show. I will be armed with my ipod, gameboy, bottle of water and a salad. I will not be attired in costume. I may wear my Princess Leia T-shirt. Maybe. Hopefully at 5:30 I will have a decent place in line, holding it for seven others who will busy with attending concerts and generally having lives until they can join me. Mike has kindly offered to re-create the “Hi. Please don’t talk to me.” for the occasion. I may make a back up sticker like “Spoiler free, so please shut up” just in case.

Who knows, I may get caught up in the whole event and let go my misanthropic ways and talk to people in line. It’s Episode III and like it or not I will be surrounded by my brethren. Hopefully looking in the mirror won’t make me run screaming into traffic.

SO very excited.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Believe me Natalie” by The Killers




  1. I’ll be coming from Markzhakistan, but should be able to get there for around 6:30ish in order to keep you company through the long night, make coffee runs, etc.

    Also: I am so glad that the tickets clearly state 12:01am, Thu May 16. So much easier to understand than’s way of doing things.

    Also: if you’re coming to this thing, be sure to bring me my $11 so I can repay my liege, Master Card.

  2. Done. I’ll be sure not to send you an e-mail money transfer. No one wants to repeat that debacle..

  3. Just to clarify Chel, I have no doubt that you will be the coolest person in line. So it won’t be so much looking in a mirror as looking in a slightly warped mirror that reflects only geekery and not coolness…all so the rest of us can have good seats. Have we said thank you lately?

  4. There are bound to be other cool people in line. For example, here in the District of Columbia, there will be at least one chick in line armed with zero Star Wars paraphenalia, one iPod, two bottles of water, a flask of bourbon, and some beef jerky.

    Goodie! Goodie!

  5. I should be joining you in line around 7:30-8 p.m. I think after the week we are having we could use some distraction! Jenn O.

  6. So cool! I love the lead up to your last post. Great pic too!

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