Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 3, 2005

Things I can’t handle

Losing Constantine on American Idol has been hard on the part of me that enjoys TV just a little too much. I told Matej this evening that if Tony and Michelle don’t get back together by the end of this season of 24, I am unequivocally quitting TV.

The soap opera/romantic junkie gene is strong with me.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Faith” by George Michael




  1. Don’t you think that’s putting just a little bit of pressure on them? I mean, they only saw each other for the first time a few hours ago. He’s got to get that trashy girl out of his place first. At least give them til next season. (P.S. Chloe rulez.)

  2. Okay, they don’t have to be fully back together, but there has to be some promise of them working it out…

    (Go Chloe)

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