Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 23, 2005

Yellow! I protest.

M and I had an opportunity this week to head over to the newly expanded Yorkdale mall. If there’s one thing we share, it’s a love of shopping. Sadly for him, the apple store is not yet open. So we took the time to see if a bigger Sephora is better (pretty much the same) and if $170 Guess jeans are truly magic and worth the price(they’re not). It turned into a recon mission as my mother is due in Toronto next week for a shopping extravaganza, so I thought I would emerge from my shopping-less cocoon to see what’s out there for the buyin’. I was also bitten by a ferret, but I digress.

Can someone tell me why EVERTHING is yellow? Like seriously people. I work my behind off this winter to loose weight and feel good about clothes and shopping again and all the purveyors of fashion have for me is YELLOW?

I’ve been a good girl and made my peace with colours I may not love, like purple. Purple and I have found peace together. This left just two colours to battle with: Peach and Yellow. Purple had something going for it, in that it turned out to be a very flattering colour on me, and as everyone knows, with me, flattery will get you everywhere. Peach makes me think of my tweens where I thought peach was the best colour EVER! My room was peach, all my clothes were peach, most of my pre-teen makeup was peach (save the turquoise eyeliner and mascara. Oh yes, I was one of those girls.). Peach, peach, peach. Someone really should have told me that with a cool undertone to my skin peach was a really, really bad idea. Thankfully I became obsessed with fashion and models and gave up the peach passion for black. Mmmm black.

Yellow. You and I have never gotten along. You sit there, looking all sunny and cute. You totally had me drawn in. I painted two bedrooms yellow, deceived by your promise of warmth and joy. While you did lead me to my true love, blue, I will never forget the sting of betrayal when I tried to wear something yellow. I can now say that I know what I would look like with jaundice.

Rant aside, the pickings in the stores are pretty slim. It doesn’t help that I’m still of the age where I don’t want to dress above my age, but I’ll look foolish if I shop at West49. Also, what’s with all the meh colours this season. Washed out pinks, bright yellow, coral and teal? I was standing in H&M, staring at a wall of clothes, asking myself “Is snot-green a good colour for me?”

Of course it’s not!!!

Hopefully the shops downtown will have a little more hope for me. I may have to ride out this wave of the 80s revival before I feel good about throwing down coin for clothing.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “A lack of colour” by Death Cab for Cutie




  1. It could be worse. You could live in Victoria, where the height of shopping is the new Old Navy at Tillicum Mall(my sister thinks Old Navy is a new chain). No H&M. No Sephora. No Urban Outfitters.Sigh. I miss Montreal.

  2. Hmmm… There are two greens at H&M this season and I don’t know which one you’d call snot green, but I hope it’s not the one I’ve bought in multiple shapes. If it’s the “I have a sinus infection” snot green, then yeah, totally gross. If it’s the Montana sagebrush green, I have to support its appearance on shopping racks near me. Of course, I have supported it’s appearance since I have two blouses, a skirt, and a jacket…

  3. I mail-ordered an Ann Taylor shirt in “honeydew” cus it sounded like it would have some blue undertones, but really it’s more of a lime green. I wasn’t sure about it, but wore it friday and decided I like it. I like to shake things up now and then by adding a different colo(u)r to my mostly blue and lavendar wardrobe. And then there’s the color I think of as “salmon,” which some in the visual arts (i.e. photography) medium have called hot pink and say doesn’t flatter me. whatever.

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