Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 28, 2005

Thank you hockey, honestly.

It’s been hard finding an upside to the NHL lockout. Just as I was really getting into hockey and enjoying living in a city with an NHL team for the first time, the whole thing falls apart. Alas.

There has been an upside. Since there’s no hockey on TV, M has been more amenable to watching other sports, as in sports that I like. This means that not only have I been able to watch a good chunk of March Madness, but I’ve finally gotten M interested in the wonderful game of basketball. Praise Lucifer.

It hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Once I had his attention fixed on the game and had explained some of the differences between college and NBA ball, there was the additional challenge of explaining some of the nuances of the game, like the “loose ball foul” without bursting into gales of laughter. A small obstacle to overcome for the great payoff of being able to enjoy this sport with my beloved.

Go Tar Heels!




  1. Heh, heh. “Loose ball foul”.

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