Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 23, 2005

Public service Announcement

The new 12-minute episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars volume 2 cartoon can only be described as this:


They will be airing March 21 through the 25. If you have an opportunity to see them, I very much suggest that you do. See the first episode at least (Episode 21) as we finally see the end of Anakin’s rat tail. The good hair starts in episode 22.*

*and the star destroyers, wookies, and all kinds of other very cool stuff.


Note: Alternative title for this post was going to be “They’ve gone to Flash!”



  1. Where are they airing them? I saw episode 21 on the star wars site, and it was quite good. It explained why two people I thought were dead from previous Clone War episodes were alive and well in the trailer. 🙂

  2. I believe it’s airing on Cartoon Network. I don’t get that station, so I couldn’t tell you when.

  3. omigod. i just programmed my tivo to record them. from work. online. ain’t technology grand? do you have your tickets yet for Revenge of the Sith? Do I need to come to Toronto to see it with you?

  4. You have to come to see me in Toronto, regardless ot ROTS. I will be taking the 19, 20 off and the Monday after is a civic holiday. A prime time for a Kari visit. And you wouldn’t be the only Prague-ite considering coming for the occasion. Okay, now I’m all excited.

    As far as I know, tickets here aren’t available yet, but getting some won’t be a problem.

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