Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 11, 2005

Are you threatening me Master Jedi?

Yesterday I had to watch the OC. Oh, how it hurt to watch the OC, but I had to do it, because I’d been getting all kinds of messages from fellow Star Wars nerds and from itself that the full length Episode III trailer would make it’s debut during the March 10 episode of the OC.

So I sat there and tried not to pay attention to crapulence on the screen in front of me while I patiently waited. I watched the whole damned show, to the very end, to the moment when CTV made it clear that each and everyone one at the station needed to be cut as they managed to be pre-empt and cut-off the trailer. That takes talent. To be so dumb that the don’t realize that they’re not showing the one thing everyone is watching for and then letting the feed through, only to cut it off with the beginning of another show 10 seconds later. I don’t care about the complexities of simulcasts and who is at the mercy of whom. They fucked up and they were in danger of feeling the wrath until Beltzner fixed everything.

Obviously I went to the many online Star Wars communities I am part of and looked for a copy of it. There had been a couple of bootlegs running around the net for days (which I opted not to watch because I think this film deserves a better than shaky handheld bootlegs with the sound of someone eating popcorn in the background). I was being good and watching when they told to me watch and what did I get for it? Well the first thing I got was a Spanish version of the trailer that was audio only. I a fairly multi-lingual person, but SPANISH? Throw me a fricken bone here people. Mind you all was not lost. You have not experienced funny until you have heard Yoda in Spanish.

Fortunately for me, Mike was online and within an hour of me beginning my rant about Spanish audio trailers and the pending castration of who ever ruined the broadcast he had found me a glorious, clear version of the English Trailer. Audio AND video. Ooooh. It’s so pretty and so dark and it could be so very, very good.

So thank you to Mike who came to my rescue. Several cool things came of it. I got to see the trailer, I got to share in some Star Wars nerdery with him (something we haven’t done as much in recent years do to our conflicting opinions over Attack of the Clones) and I got to enjoy the pleasure of getting a phone call from him this morning where he just called to say “You are under arrest Chancellor.”

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Across the Stars” by John Williams




  1. Did you see the Eco-Challenge with Hayden Christiansen and his brother and sister on a team? Team… Northern Lights? Some thing Canadian. =)

  2. Awesome, I did not heard about this topic up to the present. Thankz.

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