Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 24, 2005

Too easily attached

Chris and Tash have safely returned from Africa. They came by this evening to regale us with stories of crazy Nirobian driving, the perils of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and so many cool animals. It sounds as though they had an amazing time, which is exactly what I’d hoped for them. I’m looking forward to the 6th of March, when Mike, Dawn, Tash, Chris, M and I will all be in the same city after our 5 weeks of respective jet setting. There will be many photos shared, stories told and the word “Dude!” exclaimed repeatedly.

So multiple yays for my dear friends having had a great adventure in the cradle of life, my dear friends living it up in Sin City and to M and I and our appointment with sandy beaches and flamingos. There is only one nay to speak of, since my back is recovering well, no cracked ribs, just bruising, and that is with Chris back, we have had to give Luna back to her rightful owner.

It’s funny. We started this whole thing with a little trepidation. Would she adjust; would Zeus be irrecoverably traumatized by another feline in the house; would we get any sleep? Yes, no and yes. The one thing we hadn’t anticipated was totally falling for little Miss Luna. Two grey kittys in the house was pretty great. She and M really bonded and I confess I got awfully used to having her under foot. Of course she’s happier now that she’s home with her owner, but I now know what my Mum goes through when I take Zeus back after she’s spent time kitty-sitting.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Every time you go away” by Paul Young




  1. It is pretty easy to get attached to little Miss Lunatic…but just remember, you guys can visit anytime you want! I’m sure she’ll always remember her foster parents and big grey brother with lots of love…in her scatterbrained own way!

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