Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 19, 2005

Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony…

Zeus and Luna on in the same room, on different couches, at the same time. Oh for a wide angle lens.



  1. That’s quite the obscure reference.

  2. Which one? The Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney one or the Buffy one?

  3. Actually, I thought you were talking about penny-arcade(and in case this comment box does not allow that html tag

  4. There’s a Buffy reference that isn’t the Stevie Wonder / Paul McCartney one in this post?

  5. No, I changed the quote at the top under the masthead about the same time I made this post.

  6. Ah. I prefer “Nothing says ‘thank you’ like dollars in the waistband.” 🙂

  7. Hi Chelsea!

    You don’t know me, but I still read your blog.
    I stumbled across it during a google search with the words “Vanilla Sky Moment”.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting a comment.
    I have a couple of thoughts too:

    1. Your cats are cute.
    2. Your web-cam takes better pictures than mine.
    3. How did you get a picture of your cat to appear in your blog’s header?
    4. I hope I’m not imposing.
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    It’s clever and fun.

    David. ^_^

  8. Hello David!

    1. The cats really do rock. Thanks for noticing.
    2. Most of the photos on my blog are actually from my digital camera. It’s an old relic of a digital camera, but it takes nice (but small) photos, so I still use it.
    This is a shot from my Web cam, while this is from my camera. My Web cam is pretty ghetto, just the bottom of the line logitech. The rest is lighting tricks.
    3. I got Zeus in the header by doing what I do best. Changing something in an pre-existing template and seeing if it works. This particular blogger template had an image of a star in it, so I looked through the html on the “edit your template page” and replaced the star photo of with one of Zeus of about the same size. I’m laregly self-taught with Web things, and that which I break I am fortunate enough to have a circle of friends that includes some very, very tech savvy folk (see Mike above).
    4. Compliments will get you everywhere. Do you see that people? I’m clever! Yay!

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