Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 17, 2005

Hot rock on rock action

Mike’s curling team was short a body yesterday and I took the call to sub in, found myself a broom, taped my shoe and embraced a new sport. It was my first outing at the curling club and I think I can safely say that it was a decent first run. I didn’t slip on the ice, I didn’t injure another person and I think I managed to throw a couple of good rocks. I had a great time and I totally understand how addictive the game can be. I haven’t mastered the whole “curling” part of the sport, as my rocks have way too much spin on them, but I think there’s promise.

Or at least there was promise until the game finished and I checked on my right knee. It’s not like it’s breaking news or anything, but I’m really dumb. I will play through pain. I shouldn’t do this, but I will, especially if I’m enjoying what I’m doing. And I was really enjoying yesterday. I miss sports and games so much and being smart and not getting hurt is just so, so boring.

I thought things were on the up and up joint wise. I’ve been at the gym pretty consistently without an excessive amount of pain. There are good days and bad days and the cold never seems to help. In this case it seems that my novice technique of letting my right knee hit the ice each time I push off and the motion I use to propel me down the ice while sweeping have some consequences and discoveries.

The most exciting of these discoveries is that beyond bruising and stiffness, I now have knowledge of swelling. This is new and exciting.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Rock you” by Helix



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