Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 14, 2005

Opting out

I’m sure most people are writing lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day posts today, so if you’re looking for a “Oh how I love thee, my significant other! Oh aren’t we just the epitomy of love! We have matching shoes!” kind of post, look elsewhere. I don’t do Valentine’s Day. M doesn’t do Valentine’s Day. I lavish affection upon my man on my terms, not Hallmark’s.

Seriously, who celebrates love with a massacre?(unless of course the massacre you’re talking about is my teenage dating history. Ha!)

Today’s sing-a-long song: “More than this” by Roxy Music




  1. While I by no means endorse the commercial whoring done by the greeting card companies around Valentine’s day, it’s actually unfair and inaccurate to blame them for the entire event in its entirety.

    I was tipped off when ready today’s National Post, which carried an entry from the diary of Samuel Pepys. Published on February 14, 1661, Pepys mentions Valentine’s Day and implies that there is tradition surrounding becoming one’s Valentine, etc.

    Intrigued, I did a little digging, and it turns out that Valentine’s Day has indeed been celebrated since the 17th Century. The first commerical greeting cards in North America were produced in 1840 by Esther A. Howland.

    Now, it’s quite true that Valentine’s Day is commercialized and propped up by greeting card companies, but I don’t think it’s done in a way that’s at all inconsistent with the commercialization of, say, Easter or Christmas.

    All that said, the holiday still rings kinda empty to me. I love my friends, family and wife every damned day of the year, thank you very much. Don’t need a special day to celebrate it … that just seems to imply that it’s not worth celebrating every day.

  2. Wow. Awesome information. But you actually inferred more depth in my Hallmark comment than was actually there. I just meant it in the sense of a “I don’t need a card to tell me how I feel” sense, totally forgetting that the term Hallmark Holiday actually exsists.

    Thanks for making me look smarter! 🙂

  3. Oh, you cynics. As someone who hasn’t been in love with the same person for years, I’m rolling in it! I used to say it was a stupid holiday, because if you don’t have someone, you’re miserable; if you do have someone, chances are, you’re disappointed that they didn’t remember or get you the right size lingerie. The only people who enjoy it are those whose significant others do everything just right, and those people don’t need a holiday because that perfect person probably does that stuff all the time anyway. Well, as one of the lucky few (as are you) in the third category, I say, take advantage of any excuse to lavish even more love on your sweetie! Chocolate. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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