Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 3, 2005

This post isn’t about anything

I decided to update the ol’ Yahoo avatar, as they have created some more clothing and hair options. I don’t actually own a hat like that, but I would like to one day. I’ve spent many days looking for the perfect hat in vain. Ahh the curse of the giant head. At least in the digital world I can pretend to wear hats.

The warmer weather has lightened my mood considerably. Just yesterday, walking back to work from an appointment I felt the sun on my face, I had Beyonce blasting on the ipod and I was wearing my boots of power (which are now very comfy and no longer evil). I felt just awesome. I had hope that spring would come again, that I might be my svelte self again one day soon and I was having a good hair day. Further affirming that this January was evil or as a colleague put it today “January is the new February” which I’m not entirely sure I understand, but I think February had a rep for being dull and miserable. One can only assume.

I’m liking February so far and I’m really looking forward to the end of it beacause I’m going to Bonaire for a week. In honour of my return to the tropics, I purchased a couple of bathing suits from Land’s End. Why did I buy a bathing suit online? Because Land’s End is the shit when it comes to suits for the long bodied. I bought this one and this one. I’m a fan of the one-piece, as both the bikini and the tankini can’t really hold up to how active I am in the water and I’m always in the water to so some serious swimming or scuba diving. These are sporty but cute.

When the suits arrived in the mail yesterday I was slightly agahst at the size of them. They were big, like lots of fabric. But when I put them on, it was amazing. I was wearing a one-peice bathing suit that wasn’t both pulling down my shoulders and running up between by butt cheeks at the same time. Of course they seemed big, because “normal” bathing suits are made for the wee torso-ed. To cover a long body, you need a lot of fabric. My dismay is gone because now I have bathing suits that are comfortable, that enable me to walk around without having to constantly pull them out of my ass and will let me be active, fun and hopefully a little less inhibited on my vacation. When your suit is too small, you are constantly reminded of how big you are and that can make a girl grumpy and absolutely no fun.

And being no fun is just so January.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Good to be alive” by DJ Rap




  1. From the suit descriptions: “White binding adds a bit of interest”No….. having links to swimsuit models adds a bit of interest. 😉


  2. I do what I can for you. 🙂

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