Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 31, 2005

I’ve been making shows of trading blows just hoping no one knows…

It seemed apropos to use that title today as Space will be showing one the of best Buffy episodes ever, Once More with Feeling and that I’m still locked in a death grip with a January depression. Thank goodness there’s less than a day of the wretched month left.

I’d like to say that I’m down in the dumps because of X or I’m feeling so angry all the time due to Y. I like to think that I’ve given excellent performances in convincing others that there is a method to my madness; I’m bored; I’m turning 30 in 21 months; Will I ever get married; What does it mean to be married; Do I even want to get married; Will I ever have kids; What’s the meaning of it all; Everyone hates me; I will soon be so fat that I fishermen will fire their mighty harpoons at me, mistaking me for a whale; My feet are dry… I’m reaching, I know. Bottom line, I don’t know why I’m in this mood. And I just want to find something tangible to feel this way about and then solve it and hopefully exorcise the moody-angry-no-fun daemon from my life.

Alas, it remains free-floating lunacy. Even retail therapy failed to produce the desired effect (though having some new products did take the sting off a little). I’ve even tried colouring my hair to combat the effects of my mood, (My hair is now streaked with a dark purple, but you can start breathing again Mum, because I used a rinse so it will be gone in 10 days and you can pretend like it never happened) and I don’t feel any better. In fact I feel a little worse. Purple hair? What was I thinking?

At least I’m kind of laughing at it. Happy end of January everyone.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Going through the motions” by Buffy Summers




  1. “Everyone” hates you?
    Not quite….. I still love you to death.
    PS: I think this line is mostly filler……

  2. Purple hair? I didn’t even notice it in the meeting this a.m. I was apparently in a coma! I will have to see it tomorrow.

    Let’s do lunch soon and be in a slump together!
    🙂 JennO

  3. Well, I don’t agree with any of your excuses for being grumpy. You rock! And I expect most everyone who knows you would agree.

    Here’s another cool thing … well, not cool enough to mitigate the slightly disheartening effect of approaching 30, but still … this means I’ve known you for half your life!

    To quote one of your earliest sign-offs, “hogs and quiches,”


  4. The good thing about the dark purple, is that it’s not so apparent in flourscent light. Outside… whoo. But you saw it on Tuesday, so no one is losing there mind here.

    La, I’ve already known you more than half my life. I met you when I was 13. 🙂

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