Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 24, 2005

Knocking my own socks off

As part of my plan to conquer the raging case of SAD I seem to have I’ve taken up hobbies that can help me pass 7 hours without blinking an eye. It started with me finally organizing all the photos and mementos from our three years in Prague to be commemorated in a scrap-book-like thing and then I found that I was sifting through all of my photos and organizing them. Ahhh it felt wonderful. Everything, non-Prague related is in its right place and all the rest has been sorted into bags, waiting to keep me busy for many months to come. Oh the joy of having something to do!

During all photo gazing, I came across some photos my mother had taken of me as a wee-un. This may be one of my favourite photos. Not for my oh-so-feminine hair cut (yes that is sarcasm), but for the entirely too adorable ensemble my Mum clothed me in (I would LOVE to have that sweater now… but in an adult size of course) and the socks. The socks and mary-janes just kill me. And I’m on a swing and swings rock.

I’m getting on a swing as soon as this dumb snow melts. Mary-janes are optional.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Would You Like to Swing on a Star” by Bing Crosby




  1. I knit that sweater for you, Chel. You learned to count to three because there were three balloons on it. If you really, really want another i could knit one for you now, but it would take a bit more time…..

    do you remember where that swing set was located?


  2. I do remember. There’s a bench there now and a garden… and instead of the vacant lot behind the swing set, there’s a house. I can’t believe I learned to count on a sweater… and you wonder why I’m such a clothes-horse.

  3. Would you like to fly on a swing
    In a sweater of mum’s own knitting
    And wear mary janes and stockings?
    Or would you rather wear your mules?

  4. I almost forgot:

    Bing Crosby. He’s from Spokane, Washington, you know?

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