Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 21, 2005

Trees outside my window

In the moments before sleep last night, I realized how much of my time I spend looking out my bedroom window at the trees. This is going to sound very granola of me, but I find trees calming. In the summer I love laying down on the grass and listening to the leaves in the breeze. Leaves in the breeze is one of the best noises to fall asleep to, after a rain storm and waves. Early summer mornings are the best time to hear them. The street is very quiet, save the leaves and the birds and you open your eyes and see a canopy of green. Can you tell I’m desperate for the winter to be over?

I miss all the green, but I did find some solace last night as I looked at the barren branches outside my window. I was hating the winter and hating the cold and then I realized to could see the stars. I could also see airplanes making their final approach towards Pearson and at that distance, they’re actually quite pretty. I can’t normally see these things through the canopy of leaves and I’m daily cursing the barren trees for letting the morning sun flood the bedroom and making the dirty windows impossible to ignore. But this discovery made the January cold a little less bitter.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Sycamore trees” by Angelo Badlamenti



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