Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 16, 2005

Ghetto Fabulous Me

M’s step-brother and his wife left a bottle of Alize for us from their visit over the holidays. I’d never heard of it before and apparently it’s big in the US. M decided to try some of it as we were making dinner last night and filled me in on it’s legacy. Apparently it’s all the rage in the hip-hop rap world. A mixture of cognac and passion fruit juice, Alize (and it’s vodka-infused conterpart Hpnotiq) strikes me as a really, really girly drink. I can barely taste the cognac and I have the most immature-girly palatte of everyone I know. Furthermore, I actually find it kind of enjoyable.

Now, I don’t want to even suggest that I’m questioning the masculinty of the gangsta-set, but the fact that drinks like this and champange are the beverages of choice and the fact that they’re wearing all those diamonds… I know it’s a status thing, but it’s just kinda girly. Of course, I think everyone could stand to be a bit more girly, so kudos to them for clueing in. Let us revel in our shared affection for good champange, manicures, chrome and jewellery. Holla?

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Gangsta Trippin” by Fatboy Slim



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