Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 13, 2005

The heavens open up and try to cast me out in a flood

If I were a person of faith, I’m pretty sure I would have taken my walk home as a sign. A sign that if there were a God, and that God was (were, GAH!) vengeful, s/he had decided to toss down a flood to try and clean me out of his/her paradise.

Thank goodness for Atheism, so I don’t have to take the weather so personally.

In all seriousness, there were times on my walk down from the subway station that I honestly worried about being washed out into Lake Ontario, my precious things included (today’s precious things were my ipod, gameboy, clie, wallet, phone, the scarf that Natasha & Chris gave me, all my clippings from work in the last year and a treasured copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. Like I said, precious). At one point halfway down the road, listening to the theme from the Batman Animated Series, the actual thunderclap in the sky coincided with the thunderclap in the song and all the lights on the block went out. I think I actually said “Oops” out loud. Not that anyone would have been able to hear me over the din, because at that moment the heavens opened up further.

I guess I’m glad it was rain instead of snow and I guess I’m glad that I’m relatively mobile so I could jump up onto people’s snow-covered lawns to avoid the surf worthy waves being thrown up by the drivers who think that being courteous to pedestrians is so last year. Yeah I guess that’s a good thing, cause that’s so easy to do when you’re carrying a purse, totebag and umbrella, clutching an ipod remote at the same time.

If I did believe in signs, I can take today as one that today was not a day to walk to the TTC.



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