Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 8, 2005

Express yourself

I was making my way through Slashdot today, reading some comments about the growing number of restricted sites for the people of Iran, namely that most of the blogging interfaces (like my beloved Blogger) and Yahoo are now blocked by the government and I got all ticked off.

First of all, ew to the Iranian state. Government censorship is another brick on the road to evil. Awful as it is, it is not what has my knickers in a knot today. No, it’s a comment someone left in regards to the growing popularity of Blogs.

There are a zillion blogs on there now, it updates so fast that you could post your own blog and not make it to the “Latest Updates” page and catch your post before more than 500 new items scrolled it off the screen.

If everyone has a voice, no one really has a voice. Any single voice will be drowned out by many thousands of “Gee, this is my blog, I thought it would be a good idea to start one because my cat is so cute. I’ll post pictures of my cat and I love Jesus.”

And it’s not just this comment that has me irked. I’ve been sensing a snarky undercurrent to a lot of posts I’ve been reading of late, from people bitching about how “common” blogging has become. We may not care that people have cute cats and I know that I don’t care that they love Jesus, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t say so.

Honestly, so what if someone has a blog that doesn’t interest you. Oh my God, the sin. It’s entirely possible that there are other people out there who love cats or love religion or even love Telly Sevalas. What is important is that people have the right and the opportunity to say so. Sure, I may not give a shit if someone has a cute cat or thumps the book, but I LOVE the fact that there is the forum where people can express themselves.

That is what the blogging movement is about. It’s about millions of voices and millions of readers, all with different opinions and ideas. Just because you have a voice, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be articulate or able to spew out quality all the time. All that means is that you may not have a high readership. That’s it.

I know I don’t write this blog to be popular. It’s first for me, second for my friends and family and maybe for the random people who stumble across it (though let’s be honest, most of my readership consists of the Google bots). If writing about my cat or my love of makeup or my weight-loss saga and this is against the rules of “blogging”, then the community can bite me, cause I for one will keep on talking and I hope that more and more people around the world can use their voices too. This is a party where you are supposed hear a million voices at the same time.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Silent all these years” by Tori Amos




  1. Yeah, uh, general rule of thumb: ignore 90% of the comments found on /. Especially ones that are public commentaries on how there are too many public commentaries on the Internet today. The hypocrisy and circular logic hurts too much if you think about it for a long time.

  2. Like I said, /. wasn’t the only place I’d been reading things like this, merely the most recent.

  3. I came to your site looking for more information on Telly Savalas. Where are the pictures?!!? (He’s so dreamy.)


  4. You tell ’em, Chel!

    It’s just like being on a plane or waiting to get on a chairlift. It drives you MAD to listen to all the inane conversations going on around you, but you’d never turn around and say “um, you’re clearly quite stupid, please refrain from speaking until you’re home”. (However much you may want to.)

  5. As much as I hate it, I’ll take inane balthering of the masses over that eerie silence that comes with suppression.

  6. “silent all these years” is a good song

  7. … well said 🙂

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