Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 6, 2005

Chelsea gets another Czech

When you share your name with a popular Premireship football team the potential for amusing headlines that contain your name is high. I have a colleague who will occasionally clip amusing football headlines and paste them on my nameplate. For example:

“10-man Monaco overwhelms Chelsea”

“Arsenal’s lethal weapon kills Chelsea’s Cup Hopes”

“Rivals crack under Chelsea’s pressure”

Really the opportunities for for amusement are plenty. One of those opportunities took place today when Chelsea FC added another Czech player to its roster. The first player they have, their goalie, Petr Cech (who I believe to be the other good looking Czech man as I’d thought that M was the only one for so long) provided friends all kinds of opportunities to poke “pun.” Like Miquel’s “You mean there’s a Czech protecting Chelsea’s goal.” Ha ha indeed.

Anyway, with the signing of Cech’s former Sparta Praha teammate Jiri Jarosik there has been another spree of amusing Chelsea headlines to enjoy:

“Jarosik: Chelsea saved my life!”

“Jarosik Delights At Chelsea Move”

Of course I made up the headline for the title of this post. And really it is misleading as this Chelsea has only one Czech.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Say my name” by Destiny’s Child




  1. Don’t forget that if you’re ever searching for self-definition, you can always ask the web for what “Chelsea is …”

  2. Chelsea, don’t exaggerate. There are at least half a dozen attractive Czech men.

  3. I KNEW you were going to say that! If I up it to three can be we in agreement? 🙂

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