Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 28, 2004

The Earth has made it around the sun, let us reflect: Chelsea’s Best of 2004

I can feel 2005 breathing down my neck and I’m happy to say that it smells minty.

Here is my best of’s for 2004. These are, in my experience, what the best things were. I expect many of you to have different best of’s and that’s a good thing. In fact, I encourage you to take 10 minutes, alter the list as you like, compile your best of’s and post in either on your blog or in the comments.

Best Muse showCuriosa

The first Muse show of the three I saw this year was at the Mod Club theatre. It was also an amazing show, but the outdoor venue and the totally excitement at the Ontario Place show really made an impact with me. Hearing Stockholm Syndrome as a breeze washed across my face made it a true sensory experience. There was also a pink T-shirt to be bought and Tash stating, as only Tash can “Oh-MyGod-SO-Amazing!.

Best non-Muse showThe Killers @ Mod club theatre

It was a very intimate show and it occurred at the perfect point in terms of my listening to the album. The band was tight and the show ended early. M and Ian also had the chance to be photographed for a Snapple promo and there was free Snapple.

Best new product – Stilla Rouge Pots

It’s a blush, it’s a mousse, it’s in a really cute pot. Nuff said.

Best new hair productFrederick Fekkai Glossing Conditioner

Olive oil-based products are all the rage these days and there’s a really good reason why. It gives your hair a gloss once reserved to southern Italian virgins who spent their days dancing in the fields, crushing grapes with their toes or being painted by Botticelli.

Best SwimAfter the Zoo with M

M finally agreed to come swimming with me and was introduced to the joy that is the underwater somersault.

Best Song – What are you waiting for, Gwen Stefani

It’s a shame the rest of the album isn’t as awesome as this song. I’ll forgive Gwen a lot of her self-indulgent lyrics on other tracks because of the following passage.

Born to blossom, bloom to perish

Your moment will run out

Cause of your sex chromosome

I know it’s so messed up, how our society all thinks (for sure)

Life is short, you’re capable

Best AlbumThe Killers – Hot Fuss

It’s very rare that an album comes along and I like all the tracks on it. Throw some Cars, The Cure, Duran Duran and all that was good about New Wave and all that is good about right now and you have this album. I’m still waiting for their CSI guest spot.

Best Video – I’m not okay (honest) – My Chemical Romance

It could be my unexplained attraction to the guitarist with the short, black hair, or the moment when the two band members totally take down the mascot, I’m not sure. I am sure that I enjoy the video each time I see it and I appreciate the movie-trailer feeling it gives me. Now if only I could purchase the damn song on itunes.

Best MovieDodgeball

I’ve made the distinction between movie and film here because I can’t bring myself to admit that Dodgeball was my best cinematic experience this year (thankfully I also saw Hero, so all is safe). I laughed SO HARD at this film that Shaver was afraid I was going to die. Tyla also noted that I laughed hardest at the line “A great dodge from the Submissive.” I simply cannot wait to own this film.

Best FilmHero

This movie has been out for a couple of years, but it finally made it’s way to North America and into my vision this year. Gorgeous, awesome, epic. Everything I love about Chinese film.

Best DVDStar Wars OT

Like any other DVD had a chance. The restoration is beautiful. Finally.

Best addition to my vernacular – “That is so ghetto”

Many thanks to my colleague Krista for sharing this gem with me.

Best foodSushi on Bloor Crunchy Roll

Put some salmon and avocado together with tempura, roll it up and try to not eat it like it’s your last meal.

Best new drink – Smirnoff Raspberry Twist Vodka with Ginger Ale

Light, yummy and tastes like cream soda. Even better, gives me almost no headache.

Best new TV Show – (tie) Desperate Housewives & House

While I never watched Dynasty, I did watch a lot of Twin Peaks and DH is a lot like a fusion of those two shows (imagine that). It’s a mystery and it’s pretty. House appeals to me in that it’s also about solving a mystery and that Dr. House says everything that no one says but people need to hear. Besides the joy I get from trying to solve me medical mystery, his quips are enough to keep me engaged.

Best discovered TV ShowArrested Development

I am so happy that we decided to leave the TV on FOX after the Simpsons one night. Otherwise it might have taken us even longer to discover Arrested Development. Any show that deadpans the line “I blue myself” wins a special place in my heart.

Best TV ShowCSI

While CSI:NY has yet to impress me, Las Vegas and Miami provide me with hours upon hours of entertainment each week. I was moved to tears and upset from Speedle’s death on Miami and Eckley breaking up Grissom’s team on Las Vegas. I like to think that I’m learning a little “science” each time I watch it. Of course, I like to think a lot of things. What I do know is that Gil Grissom is an adorable geek and Greg sports some great hair. On the Miami side, dramatic pauses and using your sunglasses to punctuate a sentence have never had it so good.

Best Web

Miguel turned me on to this site a year or so ago, when I complained via IM that I couldn’t find anything interesting on the Internet. I may never run out of interesting things thanks to Jason.

Best online comicPenny Arcade

I can’t pick a favouire comic from this year. I just suggest that you go through them all. It did pain me slightly to choose PA over Weebl and Bob, as Team Laser Explosion and kungfu made me laugh so hard it hurt, PA served up amusement three times a week and for that I thank them.

Best TRW postWhy do they even let me be part of this society

Me versus eggs. I’m happy to report that I have won the war even though the eggs won that battle. In even better news, I’m turning into quite the cook. Katka can bite me.




  1. I may have to dissent on House. I liked it when it first came on, but with each new episode I came to realize that it is too formulaic. Not ‘good’ formulaic as in Law and Order — ‘bad’ formulaic as in I make cynical comments to the TV when the patient takes a dramatic turn for the worse halfway through the show because they guessed wrong on the diagnosis just like last week.


  2. In case you do start getting bored of Jason, or in case his remaindered links don’t come as quickly as you’d like, you should also check out two of his primary sources, BoingBoing and GulfStream. Both quite good at providing interesting places to go.

  3. Already in my snazzy rss reader, sweet pea. Thanks!

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