Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 26, 2004

Looks like Christmas

Here we are at the apex of the Christmas holiday. Turkey consumed, gifts exchanged, passive aggressive games of Scrabble played. It’s been pretty nice in all honesty. Highlights of the gift grab for me include the makeup case from Sephora, Star Wars Lego, a gameboy advance with a Star Wars Trilogy game no less, Muse singles, a sexy DC case for my ipod mini, a trip to the carribean with my family and M, a new scuba suit for the vacation, a cast iron frying pan (key for cooking serious fried chicken), an ice cream scoop, new pyjammas (which I am wearing right now… so soft), the Hero DVD, various make-up tools and the ever important infusion of socks. And there is still some more to come. Oy!

Aside from the converging of my family upon the homestead in Kingston, all the family cats are here as well. After the first 24 hours I can say with some certianty that Zeus is not so fond of Finnigan. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a greek name like Aristotle or Calypso.

I ducked out of the house for a little while today, before my father and I emmersed ourselves in a very good basketball game between Miami and LA, and took some photos. In the first two, you can see that my penchant for decorating and making things just so is, in fact, a genetic condition.

While this photo isn’t so festive, I thought it was cool and since Christmas is about sharing, I thought I’d share another photo of a tree. Just cause.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “A Marshmellow World” by The Rat Pack



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