Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 17, 2004

Happy Birthday To ME!

So it might be almost ninety days late, but what mattes is that after much drama I finally have my mysterious birthday present. And WOW, it’s totally amazing and I never would have imagined I would get something this wonderful.

To my friends Mike, Dawn, Tash, Chris, Tyla, Mike and Alasdair and my absolutely beautiful M, I give many, many thanks for being super-duper-spectacular. I love it and I love that the inscription on the back says only “Her Highnessness.”




  1. What is it? a silver plated ipod? with an inscription? By the way, I think the color you were looking for a few days back was “the mean reds.”

  2. Hrm. I thought it was supposed to be blue. Colour problems with the camera, or did Matej switch it up for silver (potentially with input from your response to the fact that Dawn picked blue for hers).

    Anyway. Enjoy!

  3. No, it was always silver. I actually think you were the one who suggested it, pointing out that it would match the rest of the stuff on Chelsea’s desk. And as a bonus, her’s and Dawn’s will never get mixed up!

    – Matej

  4. Ahem … “her’s”? Hang your head in _shame_.

  5. Yay! A grammatical error I didn’t make! Yay!

  6. Aren’t iPods the funnest of fun?!!! We’ve just gotten one for my sister and the inscription reads “My name is Inigo Montoya. Touch my pod, prepare to die.” I’m busily creating playlists for her so it’s ready to roll on Christmas day. And now that I’m in the groove, you can bet your bottom dollar that mixed CD’s are on the way to a postal box near you.

  7. Mixed CDs? That is so 2 years ago, Wendy. Just publish your iMix lists using iTunes and send the link to Chelsea. If she likes, she can download the tunes and have ’em on her iPod in minutes.

    Brave new world, and one in which it’s completely possible to legally do these sorts of things 🙂

  8. What can I say? I’m old and old-fashioned. I like mail — the kind that is physically delivered to a postal box on your front stoop. That being said, I do love iPods and iTunes and Rhapsody. The amount of time I spend making my own playlists is positively ridiculous.

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