Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 3, 2004

Chelsea v.28.2

When times of much stress finally come to an end, the morning after your first good sleep in weeks, you wake up feeling like a new person. Stress laden dreams about contingency plans are a distant memory. I’m pretty sure I woke up this morning to a better world.

How you ask? In the mirocosim that is my life, this day rocked because it wasn’t a day of heart pounding stress, it was a day where Laura and I could actually take lunch and, get this, take time longer than lunch to do some very important shopping at H&M. I bought a brown sweater and a skirt for less than $40. That alone makes it a red letter day.

(I would just like to point out that today was my FIRST visit to an H&M in Toronto, which I think is an example of olypmian self-restraint for which I deserve much applause…(break for applause)…that’s right people, the first time)

Also, Miquel treated me for all my efforts in recent weeks with a gift certificate to the itunes store. And I’ve purchased 7 songs so far. Sadly, the only mark upon my day is the puzzling situation at the music store where I can view the My Chemical Romance video for “I’m not okay (I promise)” but I cannot actually purchase it. Still some kinks in the system it seems.

Now that all the panic is over I have to wind down. I left work early today and upon my return home I had to fight the urge to clean or do laundry. I had to make myself sit down and do nothing. Just let it all leave my system. I hope that by tomorrow I’ll be able to assume the human sloth state in all its glory. I may even buy chips for the occasion. Call it a warm up for my vacation in two week, where upon bathing may become something optional.

Life isn’t about running around like everything’s on fire. It’s nice that I can see that now.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “I’m not okay (I promise)” by My Chemical Romance




  1. i heard all this hype about H&M, but david and i went to one, and it really is crap. i hope that you feel the same way: they’re good for buying tanks and Ts maybe. don’t feel deprived because you can’t buy their dollar store quality maerchandise at Kmart prices.

    maybe i sound like a jerk, but i was all hopeful; and i was sorely disappointed.

  2. Well, I’d been to H&M before in Germany and the Czech Republic so I knew what to expect. It’s definitely a place where you have to root around for the gems, unless that week the stock happens to be all the stuff that you love.

    It hasn’t impressed me to a point where it’s going to be one of my favourite stores, but it is a great place to make an impluse-“I-desperately-need-to-buy-something-new-now” purchase, or to pick up very trendy items you don’t really need to last.

  3. The H&M on Bloor Street was a disappointment. Quite apart from the horribly pushy and rude shoppers, the selection was limited (and kind of appalling style-wise – lots of J-Lo) and prices no better than stores like Banana Republic. However, I have since discovered that that is apparently their “high-end” Toronto store and not the standard H&M store?

    Laura (not yet a convert, but still looking for miracles)

  4. The H&M at the Eaton Centre is pretty good. It’s a zoo, but there are good finds to be found. And I’m not just saying that because the skirt and top I’m wearing today are from there.

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