Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 2, 2004

We are now officially potentially poor

Look what launched today…

This house is seriously going to need an allowance. So if anyone is wondering about holiday gifts for M or I, itunes gift certificates are never, ever a bad idea.

Today’s sing-a-long song:”I’ve Got Rhythm” by Gene Kelly

Update: The part of me that hates buying and listening to entire albums is very, very happy.




  1. I’d like to make sure that everyone notes the delicious irony of this service — which I have been frustratedly waiting on for about a year now — having been lanuched when I’m out of the country and unable to immediately play with it.

    Thanks for the link, Chel!

  2. Indeed the irony is delicous. But you’ll be back soon and then you can play away. Me, I can’t enjoy it to its full capacity until my birthday present finally makes its way to me.

    Of course, enjoying it in its present capacity is still pretty sweet.

  3. Wow! More media! Just what we all need!

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