Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 23, 2004

Of tomatoes and trees

It’s amazing that the day after I’ve finished most of the Christmas shopping that M was able to harvest 6 tomatoes off our tomato plant. Yummy red tomatoes that ripened in front of our windows. I like to think that they’re laughing at the cold weather outside as they mature, kind of like someone who has cheated death. Of course they stop laughing when I eat them.

So Laura asked for some pics of the finished tree. When I showed the above photo to a fellow Star Wars nerd, he made the very astute observation that Luke’s sword matches the rest of the tree. Ahh synergy.

Anyway, I have concluded that it’s very hard to take a good photo of a Christmas tree with the simple digital camera that I have. It looks best with the lights out, but you lose all the blues in the dark. So here’s my compromise. It doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

Today’s sing-a-long song:”Lightning Field” by The Sneaker Pimps




  1. Luke’s SWORD? When did Luke have a sword?

    Oh! And what are the two species that Yoda is probably a member of? (That bit of knowledge missed the short-term to long-term relay and got lost in hyperspace.)

    Help me, Chelsea-san, you’re my only hope.

  2. Sword… as in laser sword. Inside joke. It’s sad that I make Star Wars based inside jokes…Sword or sabre it still matches. 🙂

    Yoda. I really wanted to name my first cat Yoda, but my family wouldn’t let me. Anyway, I remember David A and I doing some research about Yoda’s species and we erroneously concluded that Yoda was a Yaddle. Which is wrong, because Yaddle is in fact another member of this species. And their name and home plant remains a mystery.

  3. Planet… that should really say planet. Though I bet the plants on that planet are mysterious too.

  4. While I know nothing of the minutia of Star Wars, it makes me happy that you have Luke on your tree. It’s so pretty (er … the tree, not Luke … though he is a bit of a pretty boy, no?) I envy you the opportunity to curl up with a hot drink and write Christmas cards under your very own tannenbaum. Lovely decorating, as usual!

    Oh my god, I forgot to tell you … speaking of pretty boys, I saw Hayden Christiansen at the Distillery district two weekends ago. I had noticed some guy wearing a blue leather Toronto Maple Leafs jacket (and thought, how tacky) and I was taking a picture of the distillery buildings when he turned around just as I clicked the button. Then I realized who it was. I am 99.9999 percent sure, because he walked toward me after so I had a good look. He kind of glared like he thought I had TRIED to take a photo of him, which was a bit arrogant considering that his group was actually blocking the artsy architectural shot I was trying to get. Anyway, I should have evidence on film when I get around to developing it. It’s funny how ordinary these people look in real life. I saw him in the new Louis Vuitton ad a day later and laughed at how gussied up he was. He’s not my cup of tea so I was wishing you’d been with me …


  5. Wow. It’s just as well. I would have no doubt made a spectacular ass of myself. Shame he mistook you for a paparatzzo. You should have just given him a “You wish” look.

  6. Oh, I just assumed it was something I totally missed on those little animated shorts that you blogged about a while back. I wasn’t thinking you were making a joke, I thought you were going deep into the vault of your vast Star Wars knowledge. Star Wars jokes are cool, but your impressive store of info is cooler.

    Whatever Yoda’s home plant is, he obviously smoked so much of it, that it stunted his growth. Maybe you’re having a hard time pegging his species because you’re not trying to figure out who has pointy ears, weird digits and is FIVE feet tall.

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