Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 7, 2004

Turning to the Martha side

It’s hard for me to say this, but sometimes there are disadvantages to living beside a park. For instance, right now, all the beautiful fall leaves are coming off the trees and seemingly landing on my lawn. Week after week I rake them, load them into yard waste bags and stuff, stuff, stuff. I have a new found respect for my mother and all the raking she must have to do on the property in Kingston. She does have the advantage of the wind coming off the lake and blowing the leaves across the street, but still, there are a whole lotta leaves to be dealt with. There isn’t a lot of lawn here, but somehow in the past 3 weeks I’ve raked up 15 yard waste bags worth of leaves.

As always I’m trying to find the positives in the situation. It’s good exercise, and I’m always up for good exercise that’s task oriented. Next, it ensures that I have a couple of hours outside to enjoy the fall air. Finally, it makes the property look better. One thing I thought might make the whole experiences truly fun would be jumping into one of the enormous leaf piles I created. I nearly did that today, but upon asking M (who was able to lend a hand) if I could leap into the leaf pile I was informed that it might be counterproductive. He had a point, but I may just have to do it next time regardless.

While were on the topic of domicile exteriors, I planted my bulbs for next year. With any luck and a whole lot of squirrel deterring garlic power I should have a nice collection of my favourite flower next spring. Tulips! White ones, pink ones and the ultimate in tulip coolness the Queen of the Night. A purple so dark it’s almost black. If flowers could be goth, this one would have a lot of velvet in it’s bulb.

This weekend also marked the hanging of the outdoor lights. Last year we had these perfectly lovely white lights for the balcony. The bulbs were opaque so which gave a really warm glow. Sadly, the critters around here not only like to mess with bulbs in your garden, but they also like to mess with bulbs on your outdoor lights. We searched in vain for a replacement, but the damage done couldn’t be repaired with much ease. On a whim in the Canadian Tire store, we decided to give the new LED lights from NOMA a try. We were promised sparkle, and while we have sparkle, we also have white lights that shine with that really cold LED blue tinge to them. I’m still on the fence with them. I like blue. I have no problem with blue, but the tone of the balcony lights is now polar to the tone of the lights on the tree and the lights of the stars in the window. They’re very warm toned.

It’s entirely possible, and likely, that I am overthinking my holiday lighting scheme, bringing me a step closer to becoming one of those scary women whose lives revolve around their place settings. I feel it happening. I feel the conflict within me. As I tore through the holiday decorations at IKEA yesterday, stocking up on gift wrap and finding that elusive tree topper I’ve been hunting for years, I knew that I had turned a corner. Maybe I should dye my hair tomato red, just to keep everything in balance.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Promeny” by Cechomor




  1. Oooh… tell me more about the tree topper. I’ve been looking for a good one for years, and now I have a real reason to have a real tree of my own!

  2. it was bound to happen honey. as the daughter of a woman who felt compelled to supervise the hanging of the tinsel on the tree, you were suscepible.



  3. I should have KNOWN you grew up with tinsel on your trees. I did too. (Though I don’t put it on my own.) And my mother is VERY into the aesthetics of tinsel placement.

    As for jumping in the leaf pile, GO FOR IT! First an adrenaline rush of the joyous kind, and then more exercise!

    Personally, I actually like to kick through the piles or throw them in the air for a leaf shower — it can make for some very cool portraits, too.

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