Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 4, 2004

The perils of beauty

Scientists at the Universtiy of Bristol have unearthed and recreated an 1,800-year-old container of makeup. At last I have evidence to refute the claims of the cosmetics haters who say “Women today are so obessed with their appearance” implying that there was a time when women didn’t go to great lengths to better their exteriors. Ha! Our undying fixation on looking pretty is eternal!

Women in Roman times even risked their lives for a perfect complexion. During that time, makeup was lead-based, so if you used it every day or every night you would slowly drive yourself mad, a side-effect of lead poisioning. Even in ancient times, people knew that lead-based paints and makeup would mess you right up, yet they still used them. I don’t feel so bad all the things I do now.

Thanks to some help from “The Beltz” I can now finish this post.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t hurt myself with my impliments of beauty. Case in point, mere moments ago I nearly ripped one of my ear lobes off with an errant flick of my hand and a very large hoop earring. There was no blood, but it did make me think of this exchange from Season 7 of Buffy (again Kudos to Mike, who’s Fu is best):

Giles: You know this is very dangerous

Buffy: Ah, you just heard the horror stories. Wear hoops, they’ll catch on something, rip your lobes off. Lobes flying everywhere.



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